River Levels at River Dove, Rocester

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The current river level is 0.164m (taken at 18:15 GMT on 06/07/2022). The typical range for this river is between 0.167m and 0.671m so the current level is lower than the typical range.

The level is steady (same measure as the previous reading which was 0.164m, recorded on 06/07/2022 at 18:00 GMT).

The lowest level ever recorded at this station was 0.076 which was recorded on 29/09/1959. The highest level ever recorded was 2.091 which was recorded on 04/12/1960.

Level Charts:

Station Information

  • River name: River Dove
  • Station reference: 4008
  • Catchment name: Dove
  • Date opened : 15/04/1953
  • EA area name: Midlands - Staffordshire Warwickshire and West Midlands
  • EA region name: Midlands
  • Place name: Rocester
  • Station location map:

This uses Environment Agency flood and river level data from the real-time data API (Beta).